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Niche Research – Aquarium Supplies

The next item that we had covered in our “What Should I Sell Online” series was Aquarium Supplies. In the previous post we covered several of the tools that we use when researching a niche, the main steps that we covered were:

  1. Check Demand
  2. Check For Long Tail Phrases
  3. Check Insights
  4. Check Pagerank

In this post we wont provide a screenshot for all of these but we’ll go through each step and provide a “Go” or “No-Go” for each step in the process for the niche of Aquarium Supplies.

Step 1 & 2: Check Demand & Long Tail Phrases “GO”
After looking at the demand for the phrase “Aquarium Supplies” we found that the search volume was a little low at 8100 searches which is about half of what we usually like to see.

However, as we mentioned in the previous post, that’s not a hard and fast number, the other factor you want to look at is the related phrases that offer traffic that you can capitalize off of as well.

dropship aquarium supplies

Step 3: Check Google Insights “GO”
A quick search on Google Insights showed us that Australia is the #1 location where searches for “Aquarium Supplies” are being done but that the United States is a close second. That is good enough information for us to move forward to the next step.

Step 4: Check PageRank “GO”

After looking at the top 4 competitors for the phrase “Aquarium Supplies” on Google we found that the PageRank of those sites is a little higher than we’d like to see but not enough to deter us from moving forward. The PageRank for the top 4 pages was 4,3,0,4. While we’d like to see the PageRank be more in the 0-2 range the fact that there are no sites with a PageRank of 5+ shows us that none of these competitors are unbeatable in the rankings.

If you’re interested in finding dropship suppliers for aquarium supplies sign up for a free trial today!

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